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Nuffield Health had a gym joiner journey of which didn’t provide the user with a clear course of action for joining a gym online. Tasked with improving the experience and increasing the brand presence through the journey, myself and the UX lead established through lab testing that people wanted a visual experience that broke up the journey but not block them from making the right decisions according to their needs.

In learning of the user needs, more imagery was introduced into the earlier stages of the journey (within an improved gallery) with more accompanying a simple binary options onboarding process. Introducing this process whilst adding visuals made navigating membership options easier to digest information, with users able to pick a membership suitable for their needs. The resulting UI designs generated a 76% average increase in year-on-year conversion and in one weekend in particular, those joining the gym went up 118% year-on-year.

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Nuffield Health – Gym Joining Journey
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