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DK RSPB Birds App

DK RSPB Birds App Dorling Kindersley (DK) partner with different organisations to help them deliver compelling content to the masses. As well as a printed book, DK and RSPB wanted to release a companion app to help people find out more about different birds from around the UK, detailing their appearance and what sounds they […]

Nuffield Health UI Library

Nuffield Health UI Library Nuffield Health have a network of facilities and services available to the general public to use, enabling them to gain control of their health and live their best lives. The website presenting each service though is inconsistent in its use of user interface components and elements. Using Atomic Design as our […]

Rachel Thilwind Pilates

Rachel Thilwind Pilates Rachel Thilwind is a newly-qualified certified pilates instructor. With a background in science, health technology and product development, Rachel discovered Pilates through a friend, taking part in classes and discovering its health benefits. After successful completion in Pilates training, she can now take classes, sharing her new knowledge and the health benefits […]

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